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Face the octopuses invasion in this unique and exciting arcade game. Turtle Bay offers amazing realtime water effects and tons of cute graphics and animations!

Equipped with a Turbo Boost, a water cannon and many other equipment you are to fight the octopuses. 

Start up to a magnificent adventure and meet: boxing crabs in the caribbean, poisonous snakes in the amazonas, mine spitting submarines in the arctic and many more challenges

Turtle Bay combines action, role-playing and puzzle elements. An ingame tutorial will help you to have instant action and fun!


80 levels - 15 bonus levels - 5 secret levels
3 climate zones with different opponents and challenges
background story, discover the whole story!
outstanding real time particle effects and waves calculations
3D support (OpenGL)
player profiles with automatic memory system
interactive introduction (Tutorial)
mouse, keyboard, joystick and gamepad support

Short description

The main character can either be played with keyboard, mouse, joystick or a joypad.
The control behaves are a little bit like car driving, one button for gas and choose the direction with left and right buttons.
Your main goal in the game is  to stop the octopuses from spawn up all over the screen. But in most cases you can´t attack them directly, because there are most vulnerable when the are cocoon to an egg.
Provided with turbo boost, which increases your speed and the water cannon that makes you enemies unconscious, you have powerful weapons in this battle.